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    Best Way to Paint Interiors – Finding a Paint Sprayer

    Tips for Finding a Great Paint Sprayer

    A great paint sprayer can make your painting job easy and fun. This tool is far better than a brush. Using a paint sprayer, you can get the job a lot faster. For neat finishes and outside jobs, these sprayers are great. Both DIYers and professional painters like this tool. In this post, we will show you how you can choose a great paint sprayer.

    Different types of paint sprayers

    There are mainly three types of paint sprayers. If you are going to buy one, it is a good idea to learn about these three types (you can also find reviews at Paintsprayerguy.com). However, your particular job will determine the type of paint sprayer you need.


    • To apply paint, compressed paint sprayers use compressed air.
    • They are great for painting furniture.
    • But sometimes they end up making the job messy.
    • They use more paint than other types of paint sprayers.


    • These sprayers release paint slowly.
    • Very little paint is wasted.
    • Not as cheap as other types of sprayers
    • Suitable for doing interior jobs.


    • Airless sprayers release paint at a high pressure.
    • Great for giving smooth coat application.
    • Specially designed for outdoor projects.
    • Noisier than other types of sprayers.

    There are several advantages of using a paint sprayer. Sprayers do the job really well by atomizing liquid paint into a fine mist. But a paint sprayer is not always the best option. If neatness is very important for you, sometimes a brush is better because it gives you more control.

    But if you must choose a paint sprayer, you have to make sure that you choose the right one and master some techniques. Two important factors you need to consider are the thing you need to spray, and the finish you use. All sprayers do not provide the same thickness.

    Using hydraulic pumps, airless sprayers work on high pressure. They can be gas powered or electric. Using this sprayer, you can apply two gallons of paint in a minute. And you don’t need to thin the paint.

    To make your painting project successful, you need to choose the right paint sprayer. Some of the things you need to consider are as follow:


    If your airless sprayer has a higher horsepower, you will find it easier to handle a speedy job. A powerful sprayer can spray more paint in less time. But do not make the mistake of buying a too powerful spray. You may find it too difficult to handle.


    It is important to know what type of coating you will use. Your sprayer must have a bigger coating if you need thicker coatings. Your paint gun may end up getting clogged up if the sprayer has a very small tip.

    Project size

    Your paint sprayer should also be determined by the size of your project. If you do not have a large project, a paint sprayer with low horsepower will do well.

    When working with your paint sprayer, make sure you use the right tips. By controlling the tips, you control the width of the paint pattern. Smaller tips will do if your job is light to medium. You can paint hard-to-reach spots by using the tip extensions.

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